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What is a live e-learning course?

A Live E-learning course from Naturally Spreadsheets is an innovative and refreshing solution to up-skilling your staff. With our flexible and interactive training, we combine the convenience of online learning with the interactivity and dynamism of classroom training. When you join a Naturally Spreadsheets Live E-learning course, you'll participate in a modern yet well-proven format of training to rapidly gain the spreadsheet skills you need to perform at a higher level.

Since 2012, professionals around the world have gained valuable Excel skills from the comfort of their own desks, interacting with the trainer to solve problems and learn in real time.

What to expect on our Excel™ training courses?

When you register for a Live E-learning course, you'll be sent an email with a log-in link to access the learning platform for the course, and a download link, to download your set of exercise files for the course, as well as a set of full course notes. During the course, the trainer will share information via PowerPoint slides (not too many - we promise) and will work with the group to discuss best practice, solve problems together, and share priceless tips and tricks to make your usage of Excel easier, more efficient and more effective.

Each session lasts 2 hours, and when the course has finished, you'll have a set of example files completed by you, a pdf set of course notes, and an invitation to join our LinkedIn group for Excel graduates, where you can get further help and reinforcement to actually use your skills after the course.

Feedback on our Live E-learning courses is comparable to that on our traditional classroom courses, so you can be confident that this will be a worthwhile investment of your time, without the travel costs and time out of the office which normally come with Excel training courses.

Which training courses are available?

We offer 4 levels of training, which can be taken as stand-alone courses, or combined into a programme to take you from beginner to expert in 4 easy steps. Use the links below to read the full course outlines and to book your place today.