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LibreOffice™ - an alternative to Excel™

Of course, you might work for an organisation which doesn't use Excel, and struggle to find training which matches your office solution. We are the answer to your prayers! Whilst many companies don't invest in training for alternative software packages, it's something we embrace, because we understand that Excel isn't for everyone.

Our LibreOffice Calc training takes established spreadsheet best practice and follows the same curriculum as our Excel courses, modified to make the most of the free LibreOffice spreadsheet solution. We have the experience to highlight the differences between the two software programs, and to take advantages of the strengths of each package. And from a consultancy point of view, we're experts in helping people move from one package to the other, whichever where you're going.

To talk about our LibreOffice Calc training or consultancy, contact us and we'll be pleased to talk through your requirements.