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Your data


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You own your data!

Data protection laws have changed. At Navanter, we are fully compliant.

We need to store some information about you for the legitimate purposes of our business work with you and managing our mailing lists to which you might have subscribed. We store this data, but you have the right to decide how it is used.

The data we store is limited to the following:

  • First and last names
  • Job title
  • Company name and address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Any training courses you have taken with us
  • Any subscriptions you have (for example, our e-tips, or product updates)

If you have taken one of our assessments, for example the Navanter Personality Style Instrument - NPSI™, then we'll have your results on file for that too if you're taking a relevant training course with us. If not, the data is not stored. Some web pages contain downloadable content, for which we ask for your email address. This is used to send you the download link, and is then deleted unless you subscribe to any of our services.

We also use cookies on our website. These cookies are used to simplify your experience with us by pre-populating certain fields on our web forms, as for the purposes of Google Analytics and general (not person-specific) web behaviours.

When might Navanter contact me?

We may contact you:

  • In relation to any of our services you have signed up to
  • To invite you to complete post-course evaluations
  • To keep you informed of our products and promotions (if you have signed up to these updates)
  • To respond to any enquiries you make

All sensitive data is secured by 128-bit AES encryption, and all staff accessing this data are fully trained in data protection practices. Our website, including any forms, is encrypted with secure SSL encryption - hence you can see the little padlock in the address bar:

Secure website
(Firefox - may look different in other browsers)

We never send this information to third parties - all data is used by us and us alone in order to provide you with our services.

Will I receive marketing communications?

Only if you have signed up to do so.

Will Navanter share my details with any other organisations

No. Please note, though, that we operate under three brand names: Navanter, Knowledge Bites, and Naturally Spreadsheets. Depending on the services you've signed up for, you may receive communications under either of these names. You'll know it's us, because the logo is identical other than the colour.

Your right to be forgotten

Under new EU data protection laws, from May 25th 2018 you have the "right to be forgotten", essentially meaning that all record of your data be wiped from our systems on request. We've offered you that right since we were founded in 2011, so if you'd like your data removed, just contact us and we'll action this straight away and confirm by email when it's been done.

Outbound telephone calls

We are not a telemarketing company, but occasionally we may make outbound telephone calls to share information about our services with potential customers. In line with GDPR regulations, we are careful to balance our "legitimate interests" in finding new customers for our business, with the "legitimate interests" of those people we contact. In order to ensure the balance is firmly in the favour of the customer, we operate under the following guidelines:

  • Unless you have explicitly given us your personal direct phone number, we will only call company switchboard numbers
  • We keep an up-to-date do-not-call list: if you request us not to call you, we will never do so again
  • As a small-volume calling organisation, we check each number individually against the Corporate Telephone Preference Service using this service
We believe our process satisfies the GDPR requirement to balance the interest of a business to operate, and the interest of the customer to not be inconvenienced by unneccessary outbound calls, and we hope that operating in this way will lead to long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with businesses around the world.

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