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A refreshing approach to Microsoft Excelâ„¢ training

Naturally Spreadsheets was born out of a desperate need to change "traditional" IT training for the better. If you've ever attended Excel or Office training in the past, then you'll know 4 key features of the majority of this training available on the market today:

Naturally Spreadsheets is different. Unlike many of our competitors, our roots are not in traditional IT training, but in soft skills. A brand name of Navanter Ltd, Naturally Spreadsheets has its roots in dynamic business skills training such as presentation skills, problem solving and leadership.

Whether you learn in a traditional classroom or via our innovative live e-learning, Excel training from Naturally Spreadsheets achieves what other Excel training misses. Delivered by the same instructors who deliver our soft-skills courses, our Excel training is different:

Naturally Spreadsheets Excel training is engaging

As experts in communication and presentation skills, Excel training from Naturally Spreadsheets is delivered in the style of soft-skills courses. Whichever learning format you choose, you'll discover a truly interactive experience where students learn from the instructor, the exercises, other students, in-class discussions. The trainer acts more like a facilitator than an instructor, guiding students to find their own solutions to problems, all within established Excel best practice.

Naturally Spreadsheets Excel training is practical

Our trainers haven't learnt Excel from books or training courses, but from working on real problems in real businesses. Our courses are the product of over 15 years of experience working with reporting, data analysis, spreadsheet security and data processing with sales teams, marketing teams and accounts departments. Our trainers share real-life examples throughout all our courses, as well as teaching solid Excel principles and many time-saving hints and tips. Students learn briefly about a topic from the instructor before diving into examples taken from real business situations to try things out for themselves.

Naturally Spreadsheets Excel training is relevant

We are not an IT training company - we're a company which helps businesses to improve through better use, management and understanding of spreadsheets, as well as communication, leadership, strategy development, and cohesive teamwork. This gives us a huge insight into how companies work in different industries and various business environments. Unlike traditional IT training companies, we truly understand business challenges and how Excel is used throughout an organisation.

Naturally Spreadsheets Excel training is remembered

Because our training is so practical and grounded in real life, students find it easy to apply skills in their jobs. However, we understand that some knowledge will be forgotten after a training course, so we provide plenty of tools to help reinforcement. After a course, students can sign up to receive regular tips via email which build on knowledge from the courses, as well as content through our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. We also offer all students to join our LinkedIn group Naturally Spreadsheets Excel Graduates, where they can ask questions and receive answers from other students and Naturally Spreadsheets staff. In addition, we offer an email response service where students can receive personal help to remember topics from courses they've taken in the past year, ensuring long-term implementation of new skills.

So what should you expect from a Naturally Spreadsheets classroom course? A refreshing blend of learning, exercises, discussion time, and real-life application of content!