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"Best Excel course I've ever done!"
Nastassja Beaton, Venture Trust, Edinburgh, UK
"This was my second Naturally Spreadsheets course, and I was quickly reminded how great it is."
Hiedi Nicholls, Citeline
Boston, USA

Naturally Spreadsheets exists to blow the cobwebs off Microsoft Office™ training around the world with a fresh, vibrant approach to IT learning

The problem with most Excel™, Word™ and PowerPoint™ training is that it doesn't engage learners, is taught by IT trainers with little experience in real business, and can be incredibly difficult to apply in real life.

Training with Naturally Spreadsheets is different, Because despite the company name, we're not IT trainers. Our background is in soft skills training, learning theory and communication skills, and our trainers have worked in real-life commercial situations for many years. We're not IT trainers - we're business people with IT skills. Most of our training is delivered to the USA and UK, via our innovative live e-learning courses or our classroom training. Learner feedback is excellent in both formats, which is why you'll find our website covered with real comments, from real people, working for real companies.