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At Naturally Spreadsheets, we provide live training in Microsoft Excel™, LibreOffice™ Calc, and other Microsoft Office™ applications such as Word and PowerPoint. Spreadsheets are what we live and breathe, and are what we're passionate about. Our favourite feedback from learners is when they tell us "I didn't even know Excel could do that!"

And that's one of the key issues with Excel - the software is capable of so much, yet very little of its functionality is used. Yet when people learn its potential, it opens up a world of analysis and decision-making possibilities.

But you don't want to get overwhelmed with technical jargon - you want to learn how to use Excel in a practical way. And that's where our background comes in. You see, we're not IT people - we're business people, with real, hands-on business backgrounds. Principle Trainer, Neil Shorney, is also a soft skills trainer (by the way, take a look at our sister site, Navanter Ltd for more on how we can help). So in our Excel courses, you won't learn endless lists of formulas - you'll learn how to communicate with Excel in its own language, to get the results you need. And it will be in a relaxed, soft-skills style.